Old Rope uses

Do you have old Kolker rope that you enjoy, but its getting old, and maybe your worried about if it can handle the weight loads you want it to handle, but don’t want to give it up?

  • Well I have several ways to extend the life of your old Kolker rope.
  • I have taken some old sets and made them into a couple of floggers, some with monkey fist ends, some mopped out.
  • I have taken some old ropes, washed them well, and cut the weaker centers out, whipped them, redyed them, and oiled them up into a nice set of four 15′ short ropes which work well in the bedroom for smaller jobs, or for finishing off a larger tie. As you know there are only two sizes of rope, too long, and too short.
  • I have taken some really old ropes back and made a demo knot board.
  • I have cut down some older ropes into good lashing cords for bamboo tripods.
    And the list of what you can do with old rope is only a short of what your willing to let me do with your old rope for you.

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