Fiber Arts mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. I am an artist who makes rope, cords, strings, kumihimo, friendship bracelets, macrame, and so much more. I love paper, doing Orogomi, and making paper crafts. I also love learning about the art of Japanese Kimono, dying, and sewing them together. I am learning the art of Katazome, which is using a rice-paste a s a dye-resist, applied through a stencil to the fabric. Learning to design these stencils, and arranging patterns. I love doing Shibori dying as well. Black & Blue, Red, Green and Purple are my current standard colors.

I love making rope from scratch as well as processing rope into other uses. When I was a kid, 8 years old, the American Bicentennial happened, and I learned a lot about our history, and have been a history buff ever since. Going to rendours and reenactments, lead me to using large volumes of rope on the old-style tenting. Growing up in scouting gave me a love of pioneering,  the art of lashing and creating outdoor projects. Tying poles together to create useful objects.

I make hemp cords, which has has been my mainstay for many years in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm in Red, Kolker Gold, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, and other shades like teal and Pink.

Seems the most popular one are 30′ long and 1/4″(6mm). Second most used are 15′(4mm) for Hojojutsu* or 15′(6mm) for people playing around with them. I’ve been often told by plus size women that they like my bigger 8mm cords as they are stronger and make them feel safer while they play around with decorative knots and designs.

I also offer 1/4″(6mm) nylon in a variety of colors as well as 6mm jute in natural, Red, Purple and Black.
Cotton, bamboo, silk, linen and coconut are in various testing phases, as I work through some materials issues.