Some rope is for lashing poles…
Some rope is for tying bodies…
My rope is for connecting people…

Pink Ropes Give Hope

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month
If you’re serious about what you do, you’ll most likely feel some kind of connection when you play. You know it’s not about the rope, it’s about the connection. You should pour your soul into your life’s experiences, why not use rope with character?

Even if you don’t feel some mythical energy exchange, even if you aren’t into the woo-woo, even if you think this is just a “stic” this is still amazing rope! Black & Blue, Red & GreenPink & Purple are my current standard colors in hemp rope cordage. Custom colors of course are also welcome.

What sets my rope apart?
The rope is made of natural fibers of the earth, passed through fire, cleansed with water, dried in the wind, kissed by the sun, and finally infused with my own special recipe of natural ingredients which gives my cords a unique feel that you just can’t get else-where – all supplied by nature.

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